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Our 'Table' is an online community ‘table’ where Women in Lean can ‘Get Together’
to co-create ways to support and help each other.
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Who We Are

Learn More About “Women In Lean”

As women in lean, we noticed that we are under-represented and we don’t feel that our voices are being heard.

This is a positive, connected, supportive community that will help motivate you to continually improve and work at your desires. We work together to co-create and support each other in all of our goals.

What do Women in Lean want?

Women in Lean want to gather ideas, gain confidence and have a community they can rely on.

What do Women in Lean need?

A positive, connected, community in which we help each other develop the confidence to pursue our dreams and fulfill our purpose.

How can we help each other?

Participate in our caring, supportive community in which we are listened to and heard, and where every woman has a ‘seat at the table’!

What Our Community Has To Offer

A Positive, Connected, Supportive Community

Women in Lean is an active online community with daily posts and updates where women get together to share ideas, support each other, and gain confidence.

This community includes opportunities to write articles for major journals and publications, be featured on podcasts and other social media platforms, and more! Women In Lean is the community you will want to be in!

How were we born?

In September 2019, at a lean conference in Austin, Texas, a group of women in lean got together to discuss what women in lean wanted, what women in lean needed, and what we could do to help. Click below to read more.

How We Were Born

Blog: Our Table – Our Voices

A collection of our voices for you to learn and get tips from. Read this collection of information from our ‘table’ in order to continually progress in your life.


Calendar of Events

Women in Lean holds events in order to promote growth in a positive, uplifting setting. View our calendar in order to plan for when you can join us at one of our events.

Calendar of Events

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If you are interested in joining Women in Lean, please contact us! We’d love you to have a seat at Our Table!

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